John and Jasmine Prescod : Youth Ministers

John was born in Hartford to teenage parents. At the age of 6 he was adopted by the Prescod family and moved to East Hartford. John spent his youth as an acolyte and alter boy in church, but as a teenager dealt with several very challenging situations and eventually found himself questioning his faith. This lead John into a long period of soul searching and exploring other religions/faiths. Eventually he was invited by a friend to see a sermon at her Christian church. It was at that sermon that he once again heard God’s call, returned to his faith, was baptized and gave his life to Christ. At an early age John felt the call to serve youth and has done so for over 20 years as a Director of Positive Youth Development programs, Football Coach and mentor to countless youth in Hartford. John attributes his understanding of the value of service to his mom, who was a nurse for over 35 years and in retirement is even more actively involved in her church.
Jasmine was born and raised in a Christian family right in the heart of the Bronx. She professed her faith in Jesus and was baptized at a very early age. As she grew up, she had many experiences that both challenged and strengthened her faith. After working in the NY Public School system, she realized her calling into the field of youth ministry. Spending some years there, she felt God calling her to a land far, far away…..Connecticut. Living a few years in Hartford, she knew this was the city God called her to. She later met her husband John Prescod
who also had a passion for Young people. John and Jasmine have 2 wonderful children Jazzlyn Belle (2) and Jadiel “JD” Prescod (1) who fill their lives with Joy and laughter. In addition to doing the Lord’s work, The Prescod family also enjoys (kayaking), fishing, cheering for the Denver Broncos finding new places to eat and having a good time with the youth.

Ian Macdonalds: Youth Leader

Ian grew up with Christian parents, but his family only went to church a few times every year, and he didn't really believe in Christianity. On a good day, he might have believed in some kind of higher power, but just as often he doubted than anything at all existed, and he didn't see any proof for God. In high school, his friend Tim invited him to youth group every day for two months, so he finally went. When he really learned about Jesus and started looking into the evidence for God, he saw why he should believe: Jesus was a revolutionary, and Christian thinkers had really great reasons to consider Christianity. From then on, he made a commitment to follow Jesus, and his life was changed forever. He took his faith into college at UConn, where he was a leader in his Christian fellowship and his relationship with Jesus continued to grow. There, he also meet his wife Biota, and after graduating, the two got married. He now lives in Hartford and teaches high school math, working with Hartford City Church to serve the city

Mary White: Youth Leader

Mary grew up in a loving home with her parents and older brother. God didn't become a part of their lives until 2001. It was around then that her father was invited to a Bible study and later on to Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester. It was there that her father and the rest of the family found God. 

Mary recommitted her life to Christ in high school and has continued to do her best to live a life of Christ. She continues to serve God living in Manchester, working on pursuing a career working with children. She has no pets but has a fuzzy phone case named Chi Chi.

Caitlyn Leffingwell: Youth Leader

Caitlin spent her childhood living next to a farm in rural Connecticut, then in the quiet suburbs of Massachusetts for middle and high school. Although going to church (even Christian schools) was a big part of her life, a variety of family struggles and personal challenges filled her with bitterness, doubt, and anger toward any God that might exist. Yet in a very dark time just after her 18th birthday, Caitlin received a glimpse of where her life was headed if God was not part of it—along with a strong sense of how deeply God desired her to trust Him. In this moment, Caitlin decided (begrudgingly) to give her life over to God and let Him do what He wanted with it. She didn’t think much would happen…but the outcome was amazing. God began to teach her about grace and redemption by using the very struggles that pulled her away from Him to draw her into His presence and into His purpose. Through a series of wild events, He has since brought her to Hartford, Connecticut—a place that has become home over the last six years—where she seeks to bring about God’s Kingdom by connecting diverse communities through music. She teaches violin at six schools in the Hartford area, but she is also passionate about loving her neighbors the way that God loves her. She is excited to be part of the youth ministry at HCC!

Caitlin also would eat mint chocolate chip ice cream all day every day if possible.

Support Staff: **Edson Aguiar* * Biota Hung**